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Prévimed has been providing home oxygen therapy throughout Quebec for over 20 years. Our experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment, a technical department that provides outstanding maintenance and repair services, as well as our licenses and national accreditation, all ensure that you receive the best service at the best possible prices - guaranteed!


The air we breathe contains approximately 20% oxygen, which is inhaled into the lungs and diffused through membranes into our blood. Certain health conditions prevent us from getting enough oxygen to sustain vital functions. For that reason, supplemental oxygen may be necessary to stay active.

Home oxygen therapy is generally prescribed for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure, and other cardio-respiratory diseases.

The goal of oxygen therapy is to increase the amount of oxygen that flows into the lungs, thus allowing more oxygen to be absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the body's tissues. The treatment improves your quality of life, increases longevity, reduces shortness of breath, and reduces heart rate so that you can function better and be more active.

Home oxygen therapy is administered under a doctor's order through oxygen devices designed for safe home use. Your doctor will write an individualized prescription based on the blood oxygen levels measured while resting, exercising, or sleeping.

In-home service

Prévimed's goal is to improve your quality of life and ensure your well-being and safety by providing superior medical products and services. With Prévimed, you will receive:

  • A reliable source of oxygen that best meets the requirements of your prescription
  • Installation of your oxygen therapy equipment and the necessary safety training for you and your family
  • Documentation and educational pamphlets that contain useful information on use, troubleshooting, necessary precautions, and contact details in case of technical issues
  • Close collaboration with your respiratory therapist
  • Assistance with your funding application process
  • Reliable, same-day delivery of oxygen cylinders at the lowest available prices
  • 24/7 emergency helpline service
  • A reliable technical team that provides first-rate preventive maintenance and superior quality repairs, thereby extending the life of your equipment and saving you money
  • An excellent customer service department that promptly responds to your requests
  • Free home delivery of a full range of high-quality medical products whether for respiratory care, home adaptation, or help with day-to-day mobility issues

Installation services

Once you have been assessed by a respiratory therapist from your local health centre, it's time to choose your oxygen therapy equipment and service provider. We will then be ready to install the oxygen products in your home in accordance with the treatment prescribed. During installation, we will make sure you are comfortable with your new oxygen equipment, teaching you how to use it correctly and safely for efficient treatment. We will also provide you with any necessary accessories and supplies. Your respiratory therapist will then follow up with regular visits to monitor the progress of your treatment plan, ensure its efficiency, and make any necessary changes to your prescription.

Equipment purchase, rental, and repair services

We are authorized distributors for the rental or purchase of any respiratory care devices required for your treatment, including:

  • Stationary oxygen concentrators
  • Portable oxygen concentrators
  • Filling stations
  • Regulators
  • Oxygen economizers
  • Oxygen cylinders

We are a manufacturer authorized service centre that carries out repairs to most types of oxygen equipment, whether in or out of warranty. This means faster repairs and the assurance your equipment is being serviced by highly-qualified professionals.

Visit our online store to view our full range of oxygen therapy products, and much more. For additional information, or to inquire about our rates, please contact our Customer Service department.

Delivery service and 24/7 Emergency support

We offer our customers home delivery of oxygen cylinders, as well as 24/7 technical support in the event of a breakdown or malfunction, in many regions of Quebec. Contact us at 1-877-263-6063 to find out if we provide service in your region.

Service plans tailored to your individual needs and budget*

Service plan Gold Silver Bronze
24/7 emergency service Gold Silver Bronze
Loan of oxygen cylinders Gold Silver Bronze
Annual preventive maintenance of equipment Gold Silver Bronze
Delivery of supplies Gold Silver Bronze
Equipment loans during repairs Gold Silver Bronze
Preferential rates for oxygen cylinder filling and delivery Gold Silver Bronze

* Service plan costs are reimbursed in part or in full by most insurance companies.