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Oxygen Concentration Indicator PRO2 Check Elite®

Brand: SalterLabs

Oxygen percent of delivered gas, flow rate in LPM, output pressure in PSIG or kPa. A small hand-held unit, which delivers all three essential validation checks required to assure proper oxygen concentrator performance. There's no need to carry a tool box full of test equipment to measure concentrator performance or spot check LOX systems anymore. With microprocessor logic and ultrasound technology?and one simple tubing connection?you'll be ready to go! It comes complete with a carrying case and a 9-volt pre-installed battery.

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Dimensions 3.60? W x 5.75? H x 1.29? D
Weight 9 ounces
Connector (2) 1/4? anodized aluminum hose barbs
Case Solid color ABS plastic with threaded metal bolt channels
Response Time 10 seconds
Warm Up Time None required
Calibration Requirements None
Sensor None
Warranty 2 years
Pressure Mode Range 0 to 25 PSIG (0 to 172 kPa)
Flow mode range 0 to 10 LPM
Flow mode resolution  0.1 LPM
Concentration mode range 20.9% to 100%
Concentration mode response time 10 seconds
Concentration mode accuracy ± 2%