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Empi ContinuumTM

Brand: Empi
Sku: 199610-001

Continuum is a multi-functional electrotherapy device offering proven adjunctive rehabilitation therapies, including muscle re-education (NMES), pain control (TENS), and stimulation of local blood circulation (Edema).

With 13 preset therapy programs and 3 customer programs, the device is designed to enhance the recovery cycle of patient through home and clinic use.

Improvements over previous NMES devices include:

simplified programming

additional pre-set therapy programs

new safety features

improved look and feel (including larger screen)

Thirteen pre-programmed therapy options

Three customizable therapies (NMES, TENS, and Edema Reduction)

Activate and strengthen muscles

Retard disuse atrophy

Manage acute or chronic pain

Increase local blood circulation

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